Ep 389 - Hall Of Fame | Chandni Patel: Busy Pharmacist Loses 49lbs At 40!

Jun 25th, 2024


Ep 389 - Hall Of Fame | Chandni Patel: Busy Pharmacist Loses 49lbs At 40!

Despite working with a personal trainer in the gym for years…Chandni never saw results.Her trainer was great at helping her work out. But her real problem lay with her nutrition, and she wasn’t educated on how to eat for weight loss. Especially with a vegetarian diet and a busy lifestyle.

So just before her 40th birthday, Chandni decided that enough was enough. She wanted to feel good in her body again. She wanted to protect herself from nasty health conditions. And she wanted to build a new identity away from being called “chubby”. So she hopped onto the RNT Method and hasn’t looked back…

Today Chandni has lost an amazing 49 lbs! She chose to stop making excuses and created a lifestyle that would give her real results. But the best part? She didn’t have to give up travel or her social life to achieve it.

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