EP 50: Tom Hollis: How to Invest In Your Ultimate Physique

EP 50: Tom Hollis: How to Invest In Your Ultimate Physique

We’ve hit 50 episodes! Thank you so much for the support so far! To commemorate the 50th episode, we’ve brought on one of our long-term clients to talk about the ‘ideal client journey’, and the importance of ‘investing ‘in your physique.

We talk about Tom’s physique journey over the years, the importance of ‘building a bigger engine’ to give yourself more social flexibility with food, and the use of data to drive objective decision making when making changes.

“Building a body is like investing. The rules are that you do little and often, and you try to latch onto the power of compound interest.”

– Tom Hollis


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02.00 – Who is Tom Hollis, what does he do, and his thoughts on British vs American culture!

07.11 – Tom’s physique journey over the years, why he started training and the mistakes he made.

14.50 – How Tom’s relationship with training improved, and shifted from a ‘need’ to an enjoyment.

19.36 – Tom’s thoughts on reverse dieting, building a bigger engine, and going through the ‘fluffy’ phases.

27.20 – Why building a body is like investing in the stock market.

31.50 – What are the keys to a successful reverse diet?

37.05 – How Tom’s use data to help him, and what variables he tracks

42.10 – How to balance client entertainment, eating out and socialising while staying on track.

48.00 – Advice for those not driven by data

49.46 – How RNT has changed Tom’s life

53.36 – Tom’s next goals and what’s on his bucket list

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