EP 54: Shalini Desai: How She Got Into Incredible Shape as a Working Mother of Two

EP 54: Shalini Desai: How She Got Into Incredible Shape as a Working Mother of Two

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by one of our clients who’s undergoing an incredible transformation, Shalini Desai. She’s based out of New York, and we wanted to bring her on to discuss how she balances being a mother of two young girls, working long hours and fitting in her own fitness goals. During the episode, we discuss the strategies she’s used to overcome her biggest challenges, why it’s critical for parents to be leaders for their children when it comes to good health, and her top transformation tips for anyone on a similar journey.


‘’My husband feels like he is cheating on his wife!’’

– Shalini Desai 


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1.00– Shalini’s background

4.10– How she gained her weight initially

6.05– Shalini’s biggest why during this transformation

8.38 – Creating a domino effect within her family 

10.17 – Shalini’s initial set up under RNT coach Kunal

12.12 – Her experience working with RNT

14.00 – How her daily routine looks like

17.50 – Her biggest challenges during her transformation

20.31 – How she balanced her social life with her fitness goals

25.50 – Her binge-eating past and how she’s dealt with it

28.50 – The importance for parents to lead by example

30.00 – Tips from Shalini on how she prepares her kid’s meals

35.11 – Shalini’s three biggest transformation tips

37.33 – What her next goal is

40.37 – Rapid fire questions for Shalini


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