Shalini · Checkpoint

Physiotherapist And Busy Mom, Shalini, Reached Her Goal to Be Fit At 40

“Being an identical twin, people can’t help but compare us. I was always the chubbier one. People told us apart by calling me ‘the fat one with the scar’. This stuck and soon my nickname as a child became ‘jaadi’ (Indian for fat). This soon phased out as I grew older but it was ingrained in my head. I felt like the ‘fat’ one and struggled with my weight and body image.

I have always enjoyed working out but have had difficulty when it comes to controlling my diet. I often binge and fall prey to impulsive eating/drinking without placing limits. I thought it was ok for me to eat what I wanted as Iong as I worked out. This approach was fine in my 20s and 30s but after having kids the weight just wouldn’t budge and every year it would add on.

I was approaching 40 and gave myself a goal to be “fit at 40” and reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer. 20 sessions later I looked exactly the same with no change in my weight. I was working out by myself at least 4-6 times a week with nothing to show for it. Something had to change.

It was at this point I saw Gita’s transformation on FB and was amazed at her results with RNT. I had the will but just needed the way.

I joined RNT Fitness and haven’t looked back since. It has been a juggling act between being a mother, a wife, working as a physio in a busy New York hospital, commuting and exercising. But I had a drive and a future goal to wear a bikini on my next holiday. The start was difficult figuring out macros, weighing food and meal prepping (spending time being hangry!). The results however came in quickly and week after week I would see my weight drop or notice an improvement in my physique. This kept me motivated, and kept me going on.

With the help of RNT’s expertise and the accountability that is embedded in the RNT methodology, even on those days when I slipped up, I was able to push through and surpass my goal. I am now actually below my pre-pregnancy weight and have dropped from a US size 12 size to a size 4!!! And finally wore that bikini!”

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