EP 58: Biraj and Sital Nakarja: How to Transform Your Body With a Busy Job, Vegetarian Diet, Frequent Travel & Young Children

EP 58: Biraj and Sital Nakarja: How to Transform Your Body With a Busy Job, Vegetarian Diet, Frequent Travel & Young Children

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by Sital and Biraj Nakaraja. Before the age of 40, Biraj had the goal of into photoshoot condition and so in February 2018 he his goal. His photoshoot then inspired his wife Sital to do exactly the same where she also got into the shape of her life and got photoshoot lean while being on a vegetarian diet. This episode is jampacked with value from the both of them as they talk about balancing busy jobs that involve frequent trips abroad, looking after their young boys, and fulfilling their own health and fitness goals. Both of them go deep in their underlying motivations and why is a transformation is never driven by only the physical, what it takes to manage priorities, and the importance of having the right mindset when looking to create long-term change, so sit back and enjoy!

‘’It was never about getting a six pack, it was a bonus in this journey’’

–      Biraj Nakarja


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1.26 – Who are Biraj and Sital?

5.40– What their previous diets were like.

7.40 – Biraj’s love for Martial Arts

11.20 – Lack of results before RNT

16.36 – Why creating a support system around you is crucial

16.57 –Sital’s mindset during the transformation

25.14 – Why it’s harder on a vegetarian diet

33.20 – Why progressive overload matters  

36.07 – The importance of the photoshoot

40.30 – How Biraj’s photoshoot helped Sital

42.30 – The mental battle of a photoshoot

46.01 – Why accountability is important

51.27 – How the transformation helped Biraj’s health markers  

56.05 – Top tips from Sital and Biraj

1.01.11 – What a typical day looks like

1.07.38 – How to stay in shape while travelling

1.14.55 – Rapid fire questions

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