EP 60: How Ivan Got Shredded At 5.9% (DEXA) Body Fat

EP 60: How Ivan Got Shredded At 5.9% (DEXA) Body Fat

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by Ivan Gavranic from Australia. He’s here to talk all about his journey going from lean to shredded. Ivan’s a trainer himself and he understands the value, accountability, objectivity and guidance of what having a coach can bring. He came to us at a point where he’s been in good shape before, but he wanted to get into crazy shape this time and set a real example to his clients as to what can be achieved. We also dive deep into the importance of knowing what makes you tick, how he’s used being an introvert to his advantage and his crazy sleep schedule. Enjoy this action-packed episode!

“You don’t realise how low your calories have to go to get absolutely shredded”

     – Ivan Gavranic 

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1.40 – How Ivan’s stayed lean during his reverse

4.04 – What’s Ivan’s day like

17.55 – Who Ivan is?

19.23– Why Ivan came to RNT

22.32 – How heavy will you be when you’re lean

31.17 – How Ivan trains

35.43 – Ivan’s journey before RNT

45.40 – Ivan’s struggles with being an introvert

53.30 – What makes Ivan tick

1.03.54 – Ivan’s message for anyone starting their transformation this year


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