EP 62 – Tim Johnson: Losing 50lbs, Being Vegetarian & Ending the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle

EP 62 – Tim Johnson: Losing 50lbs, Being Vegetarian & Ending the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. Today I’m joined by one of our clients based out in Toronto, Tim Johnson, who’s undergone an incredible transformation to drop 50lbs and get into the shape of his life.

It’s been a journey full of highs and lows for Tim, and in this episode, we go right into the early beginnings, his initial struggles and the why behind his transformation. What was really cool to hear about, and what will be very valuable to many of you listening, are the routines, systems and rituals he built around his life to set himself up for a higher chance of success.

We also touch on the self-limitations placed around the vegetarian diet, why it’s important to put yourself first and why it’s necessary to constantly audit your social circles around you.

We finish by talking about one of Tim’s biggest passion: his fiction writing and being a published author with nearly a million reads on Wattpad, it was cool hearing his thoughts on writing, the way he writes, and how he gets a lot of writing done during cardio! I hope you enjoy this one!


‘’Before you sign up for RNT, you’re just floating at a wim, doing whatever and that was 100% me.’’

– Tim Johnson  


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1.12 – Reverse dieting and how to stay in shape while travelling

7.37 – Who is Tim Johnson?

9.24 – What were Tim’s previous struggles with fitness?

22.40 – Why planning your day is crucial to a transformation

27.00 – Decision fatigue and transformations

38.49 – How to manage social situations

42.28 – Tim’s writing processes

45.56 – What Tim’s first book is all about

52.05 – Tim’s advice for someone starting their own fitness journey this year

53.02 – Goals for 2019

54.36 – Rapid fire questions for Tim

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