Ep 63 – Team RNT: How to Stay in Shape While You’re Dating (and Married)

Ep 63 – Team RNT: How to Stay in Shape While You’re Dating (and Married)

On today’s Valentine’s day special of #RNTFitnessRadio, I’m joined by the whole team at RNT. This episode came from popular demand in the RNT family group after a long thread about juggling dating with getting into the shape of your life, so we thought we’d come together and discuss this for the single guys & girls out there!

Ben also takes the mic and talks about how things might be a little different when you’re married. That said, one thing we’ve always enjoyed as coaches is training couples, and seeing them transform together. The level of accountability and support it creates can be a real game changer, and it’s not unusual to see couples achieve incredible transformations when training together.

We then talk about where all are in our own goals, while getting an insight into Indi’s journey over the years battling through a number of different struggles, and still coming out standing on top. A truly inspiring coach, and I can’t wait to share his own candid interview very soon.


 “If you’re part of the inner circle, what you do and say to your partner going through a transformation will have the biggest impact on whether they succeed or not”

–       Team RNT


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1.19 – How to stay in shape while dating

8.02 – General Alcohol guidelines

17.24– How to manage the second date

23.52 – How to get your spouse involved

30.53 – Why couples should embark on a transformation together

40.00 – Latest on our fitness goals

41.00 – Accountability to your coach

42.10 – How muscle building is similar to growing your beard

46.42 – Indi’s struggles with his own journey

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