Ep 72 – Pretesh Patel – How Pretesh Dropped 30kg & 10 Inches Off His Waist To Completely Transform His Body & Life

Ep 72 – Pretesh Patel – How Pretesh Dropped 30kg & 10 Inches Off His Waist To Completely Transform His Body & Life

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by one the members of the RNT family, Pretesh.

It all started for Tesh when he was having sporadic bouts of heart rate spikes and high blood pressure that were triggering severe pulsing headaches. Luckily, instead of going with prescribed blood pressure tablets, Tesh decided to take matters in his own hands and reclaim his health through improvements in his body composition.

He started his journey by dropping his first 10kg in 6 months, and then upon joining RNT, has proceeded to drop another 20kg in 20 weeks. At the same time, he’s also dropped more than 10 inches off his waist, and his doctors and a DEXA scan confirmed he’d obliterated his visceral body fat to practically zero levels! This isn’t just life changing, but life extending.

In today’s podcast, we dive deep into the psychological hurdles of a transformation, social stigmas that make it tougher, and how the physical is a real vehicle to enabling transformation in all areas of your life.

This is a no holds barred episode where Tesh lays it all out, and talks about what it’s really like to transform not only your body, but your life overall

“This isn’t just life changing, but life extending”

– Pretesh Patel


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1.29 – Pretesh’s training right now

3.14 – Pretesh’s preparation for Asia

5.51 – The initial journey

7.20 – Yo-yo dieting

10.04 – The initial triggers: chest pains, headache and blood pressure

15.31 – Starting RNT

17.40 – Keys to success

21.06 – Why structure is key

22.36 – The last 6 months

26.00 – Gaining 9kg in 3 days

29.01 – Challenges Pretash faced during his transformation

33.53 – Social stigmas

34.00 – Body composition stats

38.42. – Physical is the vehicle

50.01 – The RNT family

53.33 – What’s next for Pretesh?

57.34 – Rapid fire questions

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