Ep 75: Dhilon Solanki – Building A Real Lifestyle Solution

Ep 75: Dhilon Solanki – Building A Real Lifestyle Solution

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by one of the members of our RNT Family, Dhilon Solanki.

When it comes to transforming your body, it’s often thought that there’s only one way, one timeframe and one path. But what Dhilon’s transformation really highlights is how it’s exactly the opposite. 

You can only run your own race, and everyone’s journey will be different. In Dhilon’s case, his best results actually came on what’s come to known as his second wave. 

In 2017 he first came to us with a goal of getting a six pack by Christmas, but after failing to address his ‘why’, he didn’t experience much change and struggled to find his groove.

A few months later, Dhilon came back with a vengeance, and this time embraced the lifestyle and knew what he wanted to achieve here. 

He regained control of his day, channelled all his energy into this challenge, and completely transformed both his body and life.

Physically, he finally got the six pack he wanted, but mentally everything changed. You’ll hear about the many benefits he’s experienced in the episode, but what struck out to me most was his ability to now use his transformation challenge as a springboard to push himself out of his comfort zone in all areas of life.

Dhilon’s now in a deep Investment phase, is learning more about his more body everyday, and is continuing to build a real lifestyle solution that’ll allow him to be fit and healthy for life.


 ‘’It’s part of my lifestyle 24/7. This has helped my career, business, life, family & friendships, and that’s been fantastic!’’  

Dhilon Solanki


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 1.37 – Dhillon’s journey before RNT

4.26 – Health problem in the family’s history

8.52- The lightbulb moment

10.30 – Why the first attempt failed

15.27 – The second wave

19.00 – Trusting the process

25.36 – Dhilon’s ‘’why’’

27.43 – Creating generational health

29.08 – Creating a remarkable experience with clients

33.01 – Consolidation phase

38.38 – The building phase

40.47 – How to make it a lifestyle

48.07 – Dhilon’s mentors

52.46 – What’s next for Dhilon?

59.04 – Rapid fire questions


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