Ep 76: Diksesh Patel – How Diksesh Dropped 50kg At 50 Years Old To Change His Life

Ep 76: Diksesh Patel – How Diksesh Dropped 50kg At 50 Years Old To Change His Life

This may be one of the most awaited episodes we’ve ever released.

It’s very rare that I’m caught speechless during a podcast, and today’s incredible episode with the legend that is Diksesh Patel, he left me with no words not once, but on two separate occasions.

Diksesh has been on one incredible journey where’s he’s dropped 50kg at the age of 50, and completely transformed his body and life.

Borderline diabetes, gone. Gout, gone. Cholesterol, gone. 

His health markers are normalised, he’s packed on copious amounts of muscles, and he’s pushed himself harder both physically and mentally more than many are capable of doing.

What I really admire about Diksesh is that there’s no excuses with this guy. 

He runs multiple businesses, is an extremely active father to two boys, and has a very busy social life. But Diksesh knew his why, and in this extremely personal account, he goes deep into his childhood struggles, and candidly shares the emotional journey that comes with transforming your body against all odds. 


‘’This isn’t the end of my journey, this is going to continue for the next 50 years. This is chapter one.’’ 

Diksesh Patel


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1.25 – The emotions of the photoshoot

3.44 – The grind of the final three weeks

4.37 – Systems and structures

8.00 – Why excuses went out the window

11.31 – Taking ownership

13.20 – When did Diksesh’s value system shift?

15.02 – When heath became a priority

17.00 – Health markers today

17.38 – Key health stats

19.47 – Joining RNT

26.15 – Diksesh’s analogies

28.00 – The second wave

32.04 – How Diksesh got to 120kg

33.53 – Childhood struggles & hardships

37.12 – The cooperate world

40.00 – Levi’s laundrette advert

41.27 – The RNT Family

43.25 – Dealing with the scars

45.49 – Becoming a better father

48.08 – Personal development

54.06 – The mental battle of getting lean

1.01.51 – The parallels between running a business and a physical transformation

1.03.54 – Travelling

1.06.14 – What’s next for Diksesh?

1.08.27 – Advice for anyone on their own journey

1.11.51 – Rapid fire questions

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