Ep 92: Raj Shah – How Raj Built His Physique To Achieve More In 5 Months Than 15 Years

Ep 92: Raj Shah – How Raj Built His Physique To Achieve More In 5 Months Than 15 Years

Today I’m joined by fellow RNT’er, Raj Shah, who’s done exceptionally well over the past 8 months, completely transforming his body and changed his life through the process.

Raj first came to us to achieve a lifelong goal of getting lean and revealing his abs, despite having tried for 15 years. 5 months into his journey, he’d got his six pack and completed a photoshoot!

Since then, he’s successfully consolidated, moved to an Investment phase, and in this episode, he shares very candidly about his story, his struggles and the insights he’s developed through this journey.

What started off as purely a physical goal has evolved into a complete mindset change; whether he’s at the gym, at work or at home with his family and two girls.

We’ve also released his case study too to showcase his transformation, so be sure to check this out in the show notes.

I hope you enjoy this one!


 ‘’Trust the coach, trust the journey and trust the process’’


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 0.47 – Raj’s hairstyle

 3.01 – Starting in December and the Christmas period

 3.51 – Habit formation

 10.17 – Spinning his wheels

 11.28 – Family history of diabetes and his why

 14.11 – Mistakes Raj made in the beginning

 17.50 – Transitioning to MyFitnessPal

  20.56 – Socials and buffering

  27.07 – Broken sleep and fatherhood

  29.33 – Advice for other dads

  34.25 – The honeymoon phase

  43.03 – The Vaghela grind

  44.02 – Getting his steps done

  46.51 – Social stigmas

  54.33 – How heavy when lean

  57.00 – Photoshoot accountability

  58.21 – Domino effect

  1.00.02 – The photoshoot

  1.01.04 – The emotional grind

  1.02.33 – The consolidation period

  1.09.55 – The lifestyle solution

  1.17.47 – The power of accountability

  1.19.45 – Rapid fire for Raj

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How Raj Built His Physique To Achieve More In 5 Months Than 15 Years


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