Ep 97: Archana and Nehal Bhandari – Transforming As A Couple, Cooking Delicious Vegetarian Meals & Exploring Minimalism

Ep 97: Archana and Nehal Bhandari – Transforming As A Couple, Cooking Delicious Vegetarian Meals & Exploring Minimalism

We’ve got a very insightful episode today with two fellow RNT’ers, Archana and Nehal Bhandari.

Both first came to us at RNT in January with the goal to get into incredible shape, boost their confidence and be an example to their children.

Ever since, they’ve both embraced and completely immersed themselves into the lifestyle, which explains the awesome results they achieved!

Over the course of the first 20 weeks, Archana dropped 10kg, and Nehal lost 15kg, and ever since, they’ve consolidated and maintained very effectively, despite their busy lifestyles of work, two children and a vegetarian diet with no eggs!

Speaking of being vegetarian, Archana’s background as a trained chef really comes to shine here as she uncovers her thoughts on spicing up typical veggie meals, and how simple changes in ingredients can create great results!

We finish up on the episode diving into minimalism, introspection and the art of decluttering, which was very interesting, and will be of great value to many of you listening here today.

I hope you enjoy this one!


‘’RNT helped simplify our lives’’


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1.21 – Archana’s homemade peanut butter

4.17 – How Archana got into cooking

9.52 – Why this year was different to previous years

11.41 – The photoshoot challenge

13.08 – Archana and Nehal’s why

17.05 – Archana and Nehal’s goal post photoshoot

19.32 – Balancing life and transformation

22.55 – Three killer tips for everyone

29.04 – How Archana got into cooking professionally

30.36 – Cooking kids’ food and how to make it interesting and healthy

33.08 – Wholesome Indian meals

34.16 – Archana’s daily quotes

35.48 – Minimalist lifestyle 

42.27 – What drove Archana towards the simplicity lifestyle

48.12 – Social media and identity

49.45 – Advice for Women who are struggling with Identity crises

52.40 – What does identity mean to you now?

53.19 – How do they manage social occasions now

56.27 – One tip for anyone starting their journey now

59.20 – Rapid fire questions for Archana and Nehal


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