EP 16: Chris Knott: How to be More Productive

EP 16: Chris Knott: How to be More Productive

Training periodization, gut health, biomechanics, productivity and psychology, this episode covers it all! RNT Fitness podcast hosts, we, interview personal trainer Chris Knott from Manchester. Chris shares his wealth of knowledge and gives great tips we can all apply to our daily lives.

“Real plateaus are very rare.”

– Akash Vaghela

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Key Highlights:

⇾ Interesting tricks to increase productivity

⇾ How to overcome plateaus

⇾ Simple solutions to improve gut health



[06:18] Who is Chris Knott

[11:50] How Chris creates mass content

[12:50] Chris’s tips on getting yourself in the mindset to write and be productive

[22:47] Chris’s top tips for strength plateaus

[25:56] Chris’s tips for body composition plateaus

[29:16] Volume vs Intensity

[45:48] Gut health tips

[58:35] Bullet points from Chris’s biomechanics seminar


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Akash Vaghela is the Director of RNT Fitness. He specialises in transforming the bodies of City executives, CEOs, actors, physique athletes and regular people who want to be in the best shape of their lives. Akash has written for T-Nation, Elite FTS, Flex UK, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, MensXP, the Square Mile, Muscle Monsters, the PTDC, Advanced Coaching Academy, and Ultimate Performance.