24 Sep 2021


Ep. 18 - Introspection, Insecurities and Building Freedom in Relationships w/ Paul Carter

This week we interview Paul Carter, an author, father, self-proclaimed “life enthusiast”, and strength/hypertrophy coach.  In this episode, we discuss everything under the sun! Paul shares valuable relationship advice discusses the psychology behind why people lift provides insight on his writing process and of course training and supplements.

“The first place that you start healing in your life is yourself … until you heal yourself and come to terms with those demons, you will screw up every relationship that you encounter that rubs against those pain points”

– Paul Carter


09:24 Using fitness to overcompensate for insecurities

13:00 Dealing with childhood pains (inside Paul Carter’s therapy sessions)

18:15 Relationship Advice: Giving people the freedom to be what they want in life

27:30 The social media addiction

41:00 Paul and Akash talk about their writing process

1:04:33 Paul Carter talks training

1:30:00 Learning to be introspective in a relationship

1:42:45 Supplements, supplements, supplements

2:00:00 How to reduce native life stress

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