Ep 380 - [NEW SERIES] Fat Loss For The Final Time - Losing Weight Is Easy…

May 17th, 2024


Ep 380 - [NEW SERIES] Fat Loss For The Final Time - Losing Weight Is Easy…


In this episode we’re launching a brand new series titled Fat Loss For The Final Time. Getting in shape is easy. All you need is a structured nutrition and activity plan over a long enough period of time. Staying in shape is a different ballgame. It requires a new behaviour, mindset and identity.  You gotta become a new person. That’s the hard bit. 

Next steps:

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Episode highlights:

●       Discussion on the journey from Short-Term results to Long-Term fitness. 
●       Insights into the five phases of the RNT journey, delving into the importance of understanding motivation and building a solid foundation for success. 
●       Akash’s perspective on building sustainable habits, the common obstacles and staying committed. 
●       Tips for stabilising hormones, managing lifestyle factors and setting realistic expectations. 

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