Episode 108 – Phil Graham: Managing Diabetes, Building A Strong Mindset & Living By Your Values

Episode 108 – Phil Graham: Managing Diabetes, Building A Strong Mindset & Living By Your Values

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by Phil Graham, an established sports nutritionist, author and business mentor for fitness professionals.

We start the podcast talking about one of Phil’s specialities – helping diabetics who want to build the healthiest, strongest and best looking version of themselves through strength training, healthy eating, mindful living and religious diabetes management.

Phil’s a type one diabetic, and his why for entering the fitness industry all stemmed from his desire to control the diabetes, and not let it hold him back. He went on to compete successfully in bodybuilding on an international level, and after having helped 1000s of diabetics achieve their goal, wrote the book on it, called the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide.

As the episode evolves, we delve into mindset, the increasing rate of comparison syndrome, and why living by your values is so critical. For anyone looking to go to the next level in their health, career, relationships and life, you’re going to enjoy this episode with Phil.


‘’If you don’t love yourself, then you’ve got to ask why’’

    Phil Graham

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1.32 – The last time Akash and Phil met

1.52 – Phil’s story

2.01 – Diabetes at 16 years old

5.43 – Changing values to health and fitness

9.11 – The diabetes book

9.34 – Gratitude for diabetes

10.04 – Difference in type 1 and type 2 diabetes

15.20 – Type 1 diabetes and body composition

18.05 – Phil’s struggles in his earlier days and now with diabetes

23.39 – Muscle building as a type 1 diabetic

30.33 – Looking after yourself

32.14 – Instant gratification and comparison culture

36.04 – Phil’s current journaling strategy

38.50 – Illusion amongst fitness entrepreneurs 

42.58 – Going off the grid

43.53 – How to start mediation and journaling

45.41 – One tip for anyone starting their fitness journey


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