Episode 110 – Manmeet Chowdhry: Understanding The Power Of Universal Laws To Transform Your Life

Episode 110 – Manmeet Chowdhry: Understanding The Power Of Universal Laws To Transform Your Life

We’ve got a very insightful episode in store for you today on RNT Fitness Radio, as I’m joined by Manmeet Chowdhry, Europe’s only senior facilitator of the Demartini method. 

Manmeet’s mission in life is to help transform lives all around the world through the power of our universal laws, and in this action packed episode, we dive into her own transformation journey, and all the previous struggles she went through that led to her starting her path of change now. 

We then switched gears and discussed the most common issues she comes across in her office, from infatuation, the law of duality, and carrying emotional charges around specific events that may have happened in your past. 

In this show we cover some very raw and sensitive topics that I wasn’t sure about including, but after the direction the episode was heading, we felt that if there’s even one person who’s dealt with these struggles, and it can help them, it’s worth it. 

If you know anyone who’s going through a dark period of their life, or if you’re someone looking to live a more fulfilled life, this is an episode you’ll want to listen to, share, and learn from.

An important note before listening: In one part of the podcast, Manmeet shares some sensitive information about clients she has had experience working with and helped them through perceived traumatic events. She uses the Demartini Method with her clients, which is not designed to act as a substitute for the necessary and appropriate treatment of any diagnosed “disease” not replacement of any form of therapy or even as a substitute for sound legal advice or recommended as necessary counselling. She is not also here to take place of your doctor, therapist, lawyer or counsellor but merely to offer a new more profound way of looking at life to dissolve any internal or external emotional stress and conflict as she has done for many clients.  In this podcast you are invited by Manmeet to consider how you might transform any stressful situation you might encounter into a more ordered and meaningful condition or experience. On completion with her clients, they are able to wisely act rather than unwisely react to life’s many events. Please bear this in mind as you listen.

 “I’d rather humble myself, before someone on the outside humbles me”

     –  Manmeet Chowdhry

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1.14 – Manmeet’s RNT journey so far

1.43 – Manmeet’s why

3.29 – What is linking?

7.28 – How did Manmeet inspire herself?

11.35 – Inspiration vs motivation

14.56 – Being on crutches

20.04 – Comparison syndrome

23.11 – Law of reflection

25.54 – How did Manmeet become a coach?

38.20 – Doing depression and stress

45.23 – Childhood and life experience

50.01 – How do people neutralize traumatic events?

56.31 – How do you find optimum and final balance between positives and negatives

59.09 – Why romantic relationships breakdown

1.03.57 – Top three tips to live a more fulfilled life

1.08.16 – One quote Manmeet lives by

1.08.37 – What is Manmeet excited for in 2020?



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