Ep. 111 - Maximising Your Investment Phase

Dec 11th, 2019


Ep. 111 - Maximising Your Investment Phase

At the start of the Investment Phase you have two choices that fall along a continuum of muscle building and lifestyle solutions. For most, you’ll fall somewhere in the middle as you want to learn how to be in great shape year round while also building some muscle. Today’s episode is all about those of you who want to use the Investment Phase to build as much muscle as possible. This phase is all about creating your ideal physique and version 2.0, so if you’ve got plans for an upgrade in 2020, you won’t want to miss this episode.
 “If you’ve only got lean once, you’ll need two investment phases”

7:50 – Full body training for men and women
9:49 – Choices in investment phase
11:37 – Why is building muscle important?
12:36 – Timeframe of muscle building
14:51 – Going through a fluffy period
19:02 – Rate of gaining muscle mass
22:10 – How to stay motivated during a bulk
25:01 – How to develop a mindset towards training hard
26:33 – The importance of training videos
32:39 – Hydration and performance
38:00 – Deloads – when are they necessary?
40:30 – How to recover?47:29 – Sleep or steps?
48:19 – Steps and cardio in a muscle building phase
51:42 – Appetite tips
55:59 – Is there such thing as a hard gainer?
1:06:16 – Q&As

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