Episode 114 – AV Solo 2.0: Top 20 Things I Learned In 2019

Episode 114 – AV Solo 2.0: Top 20 Things I Learned In 2019

Top 20 things I learned in 2019… As the year winds down to an end, I’ve had more time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished in the year, where I’ve gone wrong, and what I’ve learned.

It’s been a year full of highlights; from growing the team from 5 to 13, writing the first draft of the RNT book, getting absolutely shredded again, travelling #10in10 (I stopped at 10 and reflect on why in the podcast). I’ve also learnt a ton; from the importance of clarity, the power of solitude and how even old mistakes will always come back and bite you later on.

I say this at the end of every year, but it’s been fun looking back and seeing how much life can change in 12 months – a LOT can happen in a year!

It’s a mix of business, fitness and overall life. I think you’ll enjoy this one!

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‘’I want everyone to experience this powerful vehicle for themselves’’

      –  Akash Vaghela


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1.17 – Top 20 things learnt in 2019

2.55 – I’m not invincible

10.12 – Finding balance and boundaries

13.01 – Weekly 22

15.06 – Quality time vs quality energy

17.15 – Going cold turkey on caffeine

19.47 – Strategies to improve on the quality of your sleep

22.04 – Mental energy units

24.28 – Understanding my wiring

28.43 – Evolving why and definition of success

30.03 – 3 key pillars

33.58 – Self mastery

34.22 – Autonomy

35.09 – Future family

35.28 – How my role in the company has changed

37.29 – The RNT book

39.16 – The competitive advantage of thinking time

41.07 – Old mistakes will always come back to bite you

42.01 – Always sleep on it

43.10 – A year of 4 quarters

47.15 – You have to shed the skin with every step change

48.16 – Planning my week in advance

49.36 – You can never have too much clarity

50.22 – Going through the 5 phases to be in the shape of your life for life

51.28 – The importance of meal hygiene

52.37 – 12 in 12 is hard work

55.14 – I can grow a half decent beard


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