Episode 124 – Vishal Shah: How Physical Fitness Helped Shape & Transform His Life After Cancer

Episode 124 – Vishal Shah: How Physical Fitness Helped Shape & Transform His Life After Cancer

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by Vishal Shah, a fellow RNT’er based out in LA, who in the past year has completely transformed his body and life while working with us.

His story is special, and I still remember reading his application form for the first time. Having been diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 16, his whole life changed, and after recovering from the cancer, he struggled with anxiety, his identity, and poor lifestyle habits for the next decade.

Vishal’s why is two fold. His first is to prove to himself that even after having cancer, he could achieve an athletic physique like his childhood heroes. And second, is to be able to serve as a mentor for adolescents who are in remission transitioning back into their regular lives. 

Having lost my cousin to cancer at 19 years old, this struck home for me, and I was so excited to help Vishal transform.

Vishal began his journey in January 2019, and over the course of 9 months, worked to get into the shape of his life, achieved his initial goals, and mark his checkpoint with a photoshoot.

Since then, his goal has been to build his lifestyle solution to stay in shape year-round. In this insightful podcast, Vishal goes through his whole journey so far, and to complement this, he’s also written a case study which I’ve published on our site, which you can check out in today’s show notes.


 ‘’I wanted to help adolescent kids with cancer that are experiencing cancer get back on their feet, and really believe and achieve the life they wanted to achieve’’

        –  Vishal Shah


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2.32 – The three things Vishal wanted to achieve in 2019

5.37 – Vishal’s 3’s

10.34 – Having a support system/team

12.01 – Getting diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 16

18.21 – Not being in peak physical and mental condition

20.59 – Beating cancer 6 months before Vishal and the doctors anticipated

23.22 – 3 go-to methods to manage mental health

28.43 – How can someone visualise?

31.34 – The 2019 journey

32.22 – Letting go of your ego

35.36 – Managing socials

39.03 – Solidifying the 3’s

40.01 – The small wins

41.01 – Why the physical is the vehicle

46.03 – The spiritual change Vishal has gone through

50.13 – One thing Vishal learned in 2019

54.20 – Vishal’s action for 2020

56.23 – What makes a good support system?

1.00.03 – Advice for anyone in their transformation journey?

1.00.53 – Plans for 2020?



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