Episode 129 – Roshni Vaghela: How Akash’s Sister Used The Physical As The Vehicle

Episode 129 – Roshni Vaghela: How Akash’s Sister Used The Physical As The Vehicle

I’ve got a special episode for you this week as I’m joined by my sister, Roshni Vaghela aka Lulu, who’s come on the show to discuss her RNT journey so far.

After going through a lengthy period of low confidence, feeling lethargic, and lacking direction, Roshni wanted to use the journey to reinstall her 3 S’s, create focus, and ultimately, use the physical as the vehicle to transform her body and life.

In this episode, we also go through some listener Q&A’s, discuss the origin of the name Lulu, and some great tips for women looking to maximise their journey.


‘’It’s not even a diet now, it’s a lifestyle’’

Roshni Vaghela


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1.29 – 2 months post shoot

2.45 – Struggles of taking the safe passage home

4.40 – Roshni’s new goal?

9.31 – Embracing muscle mass

10.31 – Initial why and trigger

11.56 – Grandma in Leicester story

15.32 – Internal muck

18.23 – The initial lack in confidence

19.37 – Lessons from CTP

25.47 – Being open with your coach

29.31 – How did Roshni find the process and the grind?

35.58 – Social stigmas and support

37.14 – Accountability to Akash

40.04 – Pressure to succeed

41.55 – The photoshoot

42.07 – Listener Q&As

42.25 – Tips on cravings around the menstrual cycle

48.36 – Favourite meal when dieting?

51.44 – How is Roshni embracing the building phase?

53.44 – One exercise Roshni can beat Akash

55.21 – What’s it like having Akash as a big brother?

57.22 – How did Lulu come about?

59.59 – Favourite child?

1.01.04 – How has RNT transformed Roshni’s life?

1.02.55 – Advice for anyone in their journey right now

1.04.25 – What changed in the last 5 years?

1.06.53 – Physical is the vehicle


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Akash Vaghela is the Founder of RNT Fitness, where his mission is to see a world where everyone experiences the power of a physical body transformation to act as a vehicle for the greater good in their lives. Akash has produced 200+ blogs, 100+ videos and hosts the RNT Fitness Radio podcast, which has amassed over 110,000 downloads in 90+ countries across 100+ episodes. Alongside this, he's been seen in Men's Health, BBC, T-Nation, Elite FTS and the PTDC, while also regularly speaking nationally and internationally on all things transformation.