Ep. 135 - How To Bulletproof Your Body Against Injury w/ Rushabh Savla

Apr 22nd, 2020


Ep. 135 - How To Bulletproof Your Body Against Injury w/ Rushabh Savla

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, I’m joined by Rushabh Savla, founder of one of the most credible physiotherapy teams around, R&D Physio. In this podcast we’ll dive into how you can stay proactive in bulletproofing your body against injury, the psychology of recovery, balancing pain and performance, the most common injuries he sees in his clinics, as well as the most common myths that perpetuate the physiotherapy world. 

Where this episode gets interesting is when Rushabh takes you through specific movement screens you can try while listening to assess any niggles, pains or issues throughout your body. I’ve uploaded the video to this episode to YouTube and linked it in the show notes for you to watch. At the end, you’ll also hear Rushabh take me through some online physio for my existing shoulder issues. In fact, just after we got off air we continued the session and I was able to do the first set of push-ups I’ve done in over a month. 

Which brings me to an exciting announcement, whereby I’ve partnered up with Rushabh to bring the power of online physio to the RNT community. There’s nothing worse than being injured. It stops us from doing what we love. Staying healthy, pain-free and being able to perform at your best is an important part of the process.

So if you’ve picked up a niggle, struggling with an injury, or want to bulletproof your body for optimal performance, don’t wait any longer. Head to www.rntfitness.com/physiotherapy to book yourself in with Rushabh and his team so you can get back to doing what you love and being at your best. I’ve put the link in the show notes for ease too.

The beauty of the way Rushabh works is it’s all online, so you can benefit from his expertise anywhere in the world. It goes against the grain of what you may think of when it comes to typical physiotherapy, but there’s plenty of research to now support that it’s in fact adherence to rehabilitation practices and exercises that’s key to recovery, not hands on manual therapy. 

This is a game changing addition to our transformation arsenal, and it’s exciting to be able to share this news with you. Injuries aren’t fun, and if you train hard, there may be a chance you come across them. Head to www.rntfitness.com/physiotherapy and bulletproof your body today. 
  ‘’Movement is medicine, any type of movement is good for you’’              
 – Rushabh Savla

3:10 – Quarantine as a physio
3:59 – Rush’s step count now
5:59 – Manual touch on vs online
8:51 – Rehab and training
10:35 – Mental aspect of physiotherapy
13:40 – Therapy stories
14:57 – Is pain psychosomatic?
16:03 – How did Rushabh get into game?
19:36 – Trigger to start R&D
20:01 – How does the R&D process work?
25:03 – Common issues amongst the hard trainees
27:22 – Pain and performance
35:06 – Accelerating your journey
38:05 – Rehab exercises on the podcast
44:57 – Balance and training
53:17 – Physio MOT
54:08 – Busting a few myths
57:30 – Flexibility
59:12 – Standing desks
1:02:19 – Yoga and lifestyle
1:03:04 – Certain stretching exercises
1:05:33 – Going through an online physio consult
1:11:26 – The 3 month journey
1:14:12 – Method of online delivery

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