17 Sep 2021


Ep. 168 - The RNT Journey Continuum, Community and Catalyst

On this episode of RNT Fitness Radio I’ve stripped the audio of an awesome FB live I did, which was hosted in our private group.

I’m sharing this because we touched on some topics around the multifaceted RNT ecosystem that makes us unique, why a checkpoint doesn’t mean you’re transformed, how to soak up the knowledge of the whole team at RNT, versus any one coach, all the new things we’re bringing to RNT, and why our community and this journey is a safe space and asset to a transformation journey.

“You need to make your journey a continuum, because life is a continuum.”


00:00 – Intro

02:00 – Chasing perfection and learning from struggles

07:11 – The difference between perfection and accountability

10:50 – Addressing your ‘why’ and identifying your barriers

14:00 – Introspection and Action

15:25 – Practicing what you preach

19:14 – Having a growth mindset

23:02 – Taking ownership

24:24 – The individual evolution of the journey

26:04 – The importance of education

27:40 – The RNT community and support

29:07 – Looking after our coaches

32:08 – Collective coaching and its educational benefits

36:22 – Beyond the first checkpoint: Staying in shape for life

45:52 – Objectivity

47:10 – Comparing the RNT journey to Hindu philosophy

49:11 – Facing the facts to facilitate transformation

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