Ep. 169 - Hall of Fame | Asoka Veeravagu: How Developing A Growth Mindset Can Impact All Areas Of Your Life

11 Nov 2020


Ep. 169 - Hall of Fame | Asoka Veeravagu: How Developing A Growth Mindset Can Impact All Areas Of Your Life

On this episode of RNT Fitness Radio I’m joined by Asoka Veeravagu, to talk about his journey of being in the shape of his life at 50 years young, and all the challenges he’s faced in getting to this point. Arguably the biggest point to emphasise here is the need to shift from a fixed to growth mindset if you want to truly embrace the power of incremental gains that come with this transformation journey. In a candid conversation, Asoka tells the story of rewiring years of thinking to reveal his best self heading into his sixth decade.
“Everyone can have a better day today than yesterday.”
- Asoka Veeravagu

00:00 – Intro
01:57 – The big 5-0, consolidation and developing a growth mindset
07:05 – Using the physical as the vehicle as an entrepreneur
11:25 – Internal struggles, depression and living up to expectations
17:29 – Breaking the yo-yo cycle and the process of unlearning
19:37 – The check in process and creating accountability
21:51 – Holistic transformation: more than just personal training
23:16 – Discovering greater purpose, impact and spirituality
29:22 – Motivating others
35:38 – Marrying the individual journey and the RNT community
37:23 – Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
48:00 – The importance of getting a health ‘MOT’ check
51:02 – Shifting to a performance mindset in all areas of life
57:54 – A complete lifestyle transformation
59:00 – Asoka’s final tips

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