17 Sep 2021


Ep. 189 - Supplement Series P3: The Truth About Vitamins, Probiotics & Omegas

In the next instalment of our #SupplementSeries, we dissect some of the most popular health supplements, from multivits, vitamin C and D, probiotics and omegas. Throughout, we consider whether you actually need them, when they may be useful, common mistakes, best practices and also dietary considerations if vegan or vegetarian. We also touch on how to spot the BS with supplements, and where some of the crazy marketing all stems from. Again, if you’ve spent more money on supplements than on your bills, this series is just for you. 

“When you prioritize something, you make it happen.”  

Ivan Gavranic


00:00 – Intro 

01:10 – Macronutrients: More is not always better  

02:55 – Harsher Calorie deficit 

06:15 – How vitamin D induces hunger

09:25 – What’s with vitamins C 

12:10 – Vitamin C as laxative 

14:45 – Omega 3  

16:15 – Essential Fatty Acids 

18:13 – Omega 3 for Vegans 

20:50 – Qualities of the market products  

24:24 – Probiotics  

26:50 – microbiome and genetic blueprints 

30:15 – marketing supplements 

36:05 – Prioritizing something and making it happen  

40:50 – Wrap up

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