20 Sep 2021


Ep. 191 - Should Women Train Differently To Men?

On this episode of RNT Fitness Radio, the team and I discuss the big question: should women train differently to men? And if so, how? We discuss all the variables of training that we need to consider in order to maximise your time spent training. It’s important to remember though that these are the cherries on top of the icing on the cake, so listen on with that in mind. We finish up on the nutritional considerations that may be pertinent for women, and what the best advice we would give to any woman looking to maximise their health and fitness endeavours. For the men tuning in, worry not, there are a lot of comparisons, similarities and nuggets that will be pertinent for you too.

“You should train what you want to develop.” 

- Ivan Gavranic


00:00 – Intro  

02:15 – Training difference on Intensity 

05:30 – Difference in gender 

07:10 – Stigma on women doing weights 

09:35 – Volume: Muscle mass and muscle strength 

11:30 – Physiological differences 

14:05 – Impression on CrossFit women 

18:00 – Training difference on Frequency 

21:10 – Focal points  

22:34 – Training what you want to develop 

27:40 – Going beyond training 

31:20 – Finding areas where you want to focus on 

35:16 – Lifestyle consideration 

38:00 – Nutritional differences between men and women 

39:20 – Women being afraid of food 

41:30 – Control as key for being in shape 

43:00 – Female physiology vs male physiology 

49:10 – Wrap up

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