Episode 213 – Is Social Media Really The Problem, Or Are We?

Episode 213 – Is Social Media Really The Problem, Or Are We?

On today’s episode of #RNTFitnessRadio, we introduce and discuss Mark Manson’s recent article titled, “Social Media Isn’t The Problem, We Are”. I’ve linked it in the show notes for you to read, and would recommend doing so as a follow up to this podcast. We use it as a springboard to discuss whether social media is really as bad as we often think, what’s really happening when you are triggered, or feel worse when on social media, and how to manage and improve any feelings of body dysmorphia, which is often associated and can be exacerbated by social media use, if you don’t take health education seriously. This is a big one with lots to take on board and implement, and remember, learning is nothing without action. So listen, take notes, then make the changes you need to make to start improving your life.

“Start living to what you think your life should be looking like.”

Ivan Gavranic

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[00:00] – Intro about effects of social media

[03:40] – Psychological effect by social media

[06:30] – People to follow based on interest

[08:15] – Insecurity from online feed

[11:06] – Fixations on physique

[14:42] – Envy and jealousy

[18:16] – Body Ideas and commitment

[21:20] – Life beyond what others say

[26:05] – Self Education is key

[28:25] – Going to your own journey

[30:20] – Enjoying the process

[34:22] – Disconnecting from the matrix

[35:40] – Muting social media

[37:32] – Looking at the triggers

[43:25] – Wrap up

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