24 Sep 2021


Ep. 219 - Why The Second Diet Is Always Easier

One question I get on a regular basis is: will it always be this hard? Will every time you try to tighten the ship or get into even better shape be as hard as the first time? The answer is no, if you do the first time properly.

The time you start your journey is always hard because you have zero foundation in place. No education on training, nutrition, mindset, and no structure or lifestyle solutions to make it seamless. That’s why it can feel so restrictive at the beginning, because you are using a lot of bandwidth and thinking, trying to get it all done.

The good news is, if you do the first time properly, the second, third or fourth time is always exponentially easier. I know each time I’ve dieted for a competition or photoshoot, it’s been easier every time. Why? Because I’ve got the foundations in place. That means I can be flexible, eat more intuitively and not even think about what I’m doing – it just runs as a way of life.

This takes time, effort and lots and lots of learning about what works for you, and what doesn’t. There is always a pendulum you will swing on when you are on this journey – from feeling a bit restrictive, to feeling super flexible, to feeling overwhelmed and worried you might be obsessed, to then realising simplicity is king, and you can do this effortlessly, make progress, and reap all the rewards!

“Second diet is easier if you do the first one right.”
– Ed Pilkington


00:00 – Intro

02:50 – Intuitive eating and listening to body

05:10 – Changing the way you eat

08:50 – Why the second diet is easier

12:00 – Reward phase checklist

15:30 – Continuous calorie intake

18:25 – Food focus

19:54 – Commonalities of those who stay in shape

21:20 – Eating your preferred meals

25:25 – Improving nutrition education

28:00 – Being in control of your diet

31:10 – Understanding how the fundamentals work

32:30 – Wrap Up

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