24 Sep 2021


Ep. 228 - Is Muscle Building Really For You?

The number one driver of muscle building is simple: training hard. You can eat in a calorie surplus, use perfect form, and pick the right exercises - all of which are necessary too, but if you don’t apply serious intensity, nothing will happen. In fact, without intensity, you’ll probably just gain a load of body fat. I know we’ve spoken about the choice you have at the point you’re in the shape of your life - embracing the fluff, or a lifestyle solution. The reality is, you have to earn the right to embrace the fluff, and if that’s your choice on the spectrum, this podcast is going to give you the things to consider before choosing this path.

 “There’s so much more in training than getting results every week.”
- Ivan Gavranic


00:00 – Intro
01:33 – Realities of embracing the fluff
04:00 – Perfecting training intensities
08:05 – Feeling about how you look
11:11 – Feeling comfortable about the process
16:30 – The psychological factor about acceptance 

18:35 – Investing more to get more results

22:55 – Training to grow

27:45 – Different training approaches

35:33 – Wrap up


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