Ep. 242 - How We Eat And Train As Coaches

Dec 3rd, 2021


Ep. 242 - How We Eat And Train As Coaches

This episode is a little different to the norm, where we discuss our own eating and training practices that we’ve cultivated to form our own lifestyle solution over the past decade. Finding what works for you takes a ton of trial and error, and for nutrition, as an example, it’s about finding what satiates you, tastes good, makes you feel good, is practical, and is effortless. If you don’t crack that, you’ll never be able to have the lifestyle solution you’re after. This episode should inspire you to think of how many different ways there are to skin the cat, but also, what the commonalities amongst us that really works in the real world for busy people just like yourself.
The diet that got you into shape, doesn't have to be the diet you sustain for the rest of your life.

- RNT Team 
00:20 - The four key things for a long-term diet to get in shape
01:26 - Being Practical - batch cooking
04:36 - Ed’s daily activities
08:52 - Misconceptions about batch cooking
10:17 - Ivan’s prepped meals - 
12:07 - Ivan’s daily activities
20:11 - Akash’s Intermittent fasting
25:23 - High volume approach - similar to these 3 coaches
28:34 - Learning from past mistakes
30:02 - How people struggle to keep their diets
32:31 - The diet that got you into shape doesn’t have to be the diet to sustain you for life
36:31 - Keeping it simple
38:14 - Ed’s Training plan
42:59 - Do the stuff that makes you happy
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