Asoka · Checkpoint

You Can Establish Non-negotiables And Become Fit And Strong At 50

It’s been a great initial 30 weeks of my RNT journey! My goal was to get in the shape of my life for life at age 50, and with the help of my outstanding RNT coaches, I reached my first checkpoint milestone!!

What appealed to me most about RNT from the outset was using the ‘physical as the vehicle’ for life transformation - and that the long-term objective of my RNT program was about far more than just improving my physique. Of course, I encountered numerous ups and downs during this transformation quest. I definitely faced mental, physical, emotional and career challenges along this journey that oftentimes seemed like they could be overwhelming. But having a strong grounding in my 3Ss; an ingrained set of well-developed non-negotiables; and the constant guidance, encouragement and course-correction from the RNT team enabled me to persevere and get through the tough times in those areas of life as well.

I am grateful for finding RNT at this crucial stage of my life as I turned 50 in May, and I look forward to carrying the continuous progress from the last 8 months into my next decade!

Thank you for all that you and the coaches do for the RNT family - I feel lucky to be a part of it!!

If you’d like to hear more about how Asoka got into the shape of his life at 50 years young tune into the RNT podcast with Akash here.

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