Fitness Focused Engineer, Vandana Took Her Weight-lifting Goals To Incredible Heights

I am a UK based professional engineer who has a routine office job like many of us. Being a fitness fanatic, training with weights has been my passion for quite a few years now. It is my personality to be driven by SMART goals in whatever I do, as this gives me a sense of achievement. This has been my approach to training as well. And as a result I had been able to achieve good numbers on my major lifts (Deadlifts, Squat and bench) and even competed in powerlifting competitions.

However, a couple of years ago, I reached a point in my training where no matter what combination of training (i.e. varying volume, lifts, and exercises) I followed, I reached a plateau and saw no progress. I stalled and I started feeling like I was losing strength due to over training to compensate without recovery. That is when I made a decision to seek help from “experts” BUT that is not when I joined RNT. Instead I sought help form one of the other leading online training groups, who is considered to be well reputed in the industry. And honestly having trained under their guidance for 4 months, I saw ZERO progress. There were times when I even felt that I know better than that coach who was supposed to be an expert!! It was a lot of money down the drain and was the height of frustration with plateauing for me. And that is when I did my proper research for a trainer who is knowledgeable and importantly shares my focus on achieving results and not just a well-advertised brand. This is when I landed at RNT fitness 18 months ago!!!

The process of working with RNT, so far, has been quite a positive and successful journey for me. Since having joined RNT, not only am I physically the strongest I have ever been but the leanest ever as well!!! I have seen results on my lifts which were previously just aspirations to achieve for several years. Coupled with the results, the last 18 months have also been a steep learning curve for me, not only related to training but more so about nutrition. I realised during my journey that I had to relearn lot of information and change quite a few old habits. However, I was not reluctant to do that as I found the RNT team very methodical and knowledgeable. Having seen the best strength results and the highest body fat loss during my journey, if I have to pick one thing which I have learnt at RNT then it would be the importance of how much getting the correct nutrition coupled with training can fuel the body to achieve the required goal; be it muscle building or fat loss. I am most happy to have experienced that I can have a healthy relationship with Carbs and I don’t need to live forever excluding them from my meals. This had always been a struggle for me for years.

I am very proud and happy to have achieved my results but I could not have possibly been even close without RNT!!

As I continue my journey with RNT, for anyone who is aspiring to achieve their desired results and work with RNT, here are some insider’s tips :

  1. Trust the coaches at RNT they know what they are doing
  2. It’s not going to happen in a day but don’t question the process for there is no other outcome, just positive results
  3. Be assured your coach will be there through every roadblock in your transformation journey.
  4. Give your best and take it a day at a time

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