From Skeptic to Success: How RNT Transformed Bahader's Life

For Bahader, the decision to join RNT Fitness wasn’t a result of a series of trigger moments.

He didn’t wake up one morning desperate for change. As a high-achieving professional, Bahader had been driven by a desire for personal growth. However, health and fitness had always been an area he had struggled with. He had the right intentions but lacked the consistency that was required to achieve lasting results. 

It was only when he saw the transformations of other people in a similar situation on the RNT website that Bahader thought that maybe there was hope.  

But at the back of his mind he was still quite sceptical - how could an online-only coach be able to deliver the results he wanted? 

He was sure he would need more in-person guidance but he decided to try it for himself. 

Using the guidelines in RNT Founder Akash Vaghela’s book Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life, he put together a fitness plan. 

“I decided to replicate the RNT blueprint on my own for the first three months of the year. Towards the end of March, I realised that I had reached a point in my physical health I had never reached before!”

That’s when the penny dropped. If he could achieve this much on his own, then the results he could reach with the support of a coach would be even greater! 

“I knew that if I were going to push on, I would need some additional guidance, and I also knew that it was now or never.”

The missing piece 

Before signing up to RNT, Bahader believed he had most of the elements locked down.  He had diligently engaged in training sessions, meal preparation, and tracking steps.

However, certain nuances had eluded him. He needed to figure out how to structure an effective training program

“I was training one body part a day over four days a week, and each session was an hour and a half long!”

Understanding how to measure and weigh his meals was also a hurdle. 

“I realise now that inconsistent macro tracking, weighing food cooked instead of uncooked, and mindless snacking hindered my progress.”

With the support of his coach, Bahader learned how to shape his meal plan in line with his macros and calorific needs. 

He also had guidance on continuing his progress even while travelling. Before, he would abandon his training if life was too busy. But with RNT, he learned how to strip off the extra stuff and focus on only what was essential for his progress. 

He no longer struggles with guilt after indulging in certain foods, he understands how to strike a good balance so he can have his cake and eat it too. 

Unlocking his full potential 

The journey with RNT Fitness has been nothing short of transformative for Bahader. 

His mindset and life has undergone a profound shift. Realising that he can accomplish anything with effort, hard work, guidance, and perseverance has become an empowering mantra. 

With his system in place, Bahader’s productivity soared to new heights. 

He now embraces early mornings, and this newfound habit is one he hopes to hold onto for as long as possible.

Bahader’s story is a testament to the transformative power of RNT Fitness - a lifestyle revolution that transcends mere physical fitness. 

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