High-Performing Father Nikhil, Shed 30kgs To Unlock the Best Version of Himself

Nikhil’s general health and well-being took a real beating during Lockdown. The sedentary days with too much food and not enough exercise had led to a steady gain in weight.

At first, the weight gain was so slow it almost crept up on him. He didn’t realise things were so bad until he weighed himself one day. He couldn’t believe he had hit 3 digits on the scale: the heaviest he had ever been!

He became so self conscious of his size that he’d suck in his gut and hold his breath anytime someone approached him. He would also avoid any touch that might expose his vulnerability.

“I remember even if my wife tried to hug me in a certain way I would feel uncomfortable. I also hated it when a tight shirt rubbed against my midsection, just wearing that shirt would put me in a bad mood.”

Nikhil’s emotions were erratic too and stress seemed to be his constant companion.

As a father to a little girl with his son on the way, he yearned for the energy to create beautiful, lasting memories with his children.

“I wanted to be able to take my kids to the park and go on long cycle rides with them. But I was so out of shape that even running to catch a train would leave me breathless. It did bother me but my mind would always look for a reason to justify my state.”

The Struggle To Cope

His energy levels were at an all-time low, and staying awake to take care of his first born was a real struggle.

“I remember when my daughter was little, the only way to get her to go to sleep was to do lunges! But after about 10 lunges, I couldn’t do anymore and she would wake up.”

The thought of having to do lunges to help his newborn sleep is funny in retrospect. But the underlying implication was undeniable: he felt inadequate as a father.

The arrival of his second child only exacerbated Nikhil’s struggle.

“It was a tough pregnancy; my wife and I were under a lot of stress. I wanted to do better and have more energy when my son arrived. So I tried to improve my health by trying to eat healthy and exercise more regularly.”

But, he lacked proper technique and didn’t have the right guidance on how to manage his food. He was stuck spinning his wheels in a never-ending cycle of discomfort.

“And then to make matters worse, as the weight continued to pile on, I sought solace in food. It’s something I’ve always done in the past, using food to cheer myself up. While every bite served as a temporary distraction, I only felt even more frustrated and lost.”

The Call To Action

That’s when Nikhil decided to embark on a complete lifestyle overhaul. While he knew RNT would help him reach his goal, the decision to join wasn’t so straightforward.

At first, his wife was slightly apprehensive as she was worried about the time it would take and the changes it would bring.

But together, they saw the benefits and how they far outweighed any inconvenience.

Plus they realised that it didn’t take as much time as they thought it would. All it needed was a bit of planning. 

Throughout his RNT journey, Nikhil’s wife became his staunchest supporter. She offered encouragement as well as practical tips on how to make time to train. She also had great ideas on how to vary his meals so they didn’t feel monotonous. She also gave him ideas on how to manage socialising.

“I remember my family being rather critical of my decision. But my wife stood by me throughout. And her unwavering support has been invaluable throughout my journey.”

The Paradigm Shift

As he began to shed the weight, Nikhil’s mood and emotions underwent a remarkable transformation.

Before, He would bottle up his feelings. He would choose to suffer in silence instead of talking about them.

“I was never one to talk about my struggles. I’ve always taken it on the chin and powered through everything. But now I don’t bury my feelings under bags of crisps and chocolate. I have learned to sit with my feelings to understand what’s really going on. Now, instead of keeping my troubles to myself, I talk about what I am going through with my wife and my colleagues at work.”

Nikhil also realised that he didn’t need food to ease stress anymore.

“Everytime I felt like I wanted to eat something I started to ask myself. ‘Do I really want this?’ And if I did, was it worth sacrificing my progress for a momentary pleasure? People always asked if I missed these indulgences. But I realised that I didn’t because missing it implied that I was losing out on something when I wasn’t. If anything I was gaining strength.”

As Nikhil continued his journey, he learned to maximise every opportunity for physical activity. He’d jog on the spot while watching a movie, walk during meetings, and seize every chance to get his steps in. His mindset shifted from “Can I do this?” to “How else can I push myself?”

With the support of the RNT coaches and the members in his RNT cohort, he began to explore muscle growth and challenge himself with different exercise routines.

Living His Best Life

And as he looked back on the path he’d travelled, Nikhil marvelled at the profound impact of his transformation.

“I don’t have brain fog any longer and my relationships have deepened. I feel healthy and alive now. I no longer just exist.”

After years of working 13-14 hour days he learnt to manage his workload better by prioritising his well-being and his family.

The relationship with his wife had transformed as well. Now they face life’s challenges together as a united front.

“When my wife hugs me now, it feels so wonderful, I realise how much I have missed my best friend.”

The Podcast

In the podcast he says, “This journey has helped me prioritise what matters in life. I want to continue on this path so I can continue to push myself physically and mentally.”

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