Highflying Entrepreneur And Doting Dad, Kam, Quit Yo-Yoing To Get Bigger And Stronger

My name is Kamran Ahmed and I am the owner of a few different businesses that cover the UK, South Africa and Dubai. My areas are sales & call centres, property management and property development. Over the last 15 years we have developed these businesses to start from only a handful of employees to employing over 500 staff across 3 continents. I am also a relatively new father to a baby girl who is now the main focus of everything!

So before going to RNT I had previously been in good shape about 3 years earlier, and then in okay condition for most of the time after that. The issue I had is that firstly I always chased my original condition, and then would start YOYO dieting to get to that point. So for example, I’d drop my calories heavily, train twice a day, then 10 days later feel totally wiped out and then eat a load of junk and back to square one!

I also felt that I knew how to train, however not having any accountability was a big issue. If i didn’t have to check in with someone, then it actually wasn’t such a big deal if I went well over my calories for the week.

Ultimately I realised that I needed that accountability if I was going to make some serious progress. I also saw lots of transformations on the RNT page, the best I’d ever seen, and had also been listening to the podcasts for a while; I fully agreed with all the ideas and concepts both on nutrition and training.

Working with RNT has been great. The communication and weekly catch ups were always encouraging, and even when there wasn’t a decent change in scale weight, I was always reassured that it could be for various different reasons, or even just my body going through a recomp.

I also found the way that my workouts are set up, and particularly the way I started to track my training, will actually stay with me for life. I love being able to physically see the progress I’m making in the gym and if I’m getting stronger, or if strength is dropping off. It’s actually really motivating seeing your numbers go up!

My results have been great. I feel stronger and bigger than ever. I also feel more energetic and motivated when it comes to my training and nutrition. As I’ve mentioned previously my way of training and eating will be different now…even though I thought I knew a fair bit about training and nutrition!

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