RNT Journal

About the RNT Journal

There’s something special about journaling that’s hard to replicate. It’s a sacred time to introspect, reflect, create, strategise and understand yourself in a way few other tools can offer.

At RNT, we recommend journaling to all of our clients. It can be your best friend on the ups and downs of the journey towards self mastery, and harnessing the power of the physical as the vehicle in your life.

This RNT journal is designed to be used in any way you like. We’ve placed 12 strategically written prompts inside to serve as a guide for you, in case you’re stuck. Because we know the power of freestyling, and letting your mind download, we’ve kept plenty of free space for you to explore.

Features of the RNT Journal

Introduction on journaling

Journaling doesn’t need to be a chore, overwhelming or only for when you have hours of spare time. It doesn’t need to be done in a perfect way. That’s the beauty of it. A few lines a day, five minutes a day, is all you need.

Best of both worlds

Journals are typically either completely empty, or boxed up with little freedom. We’ve decided to give you the best of both worlds with freedom to write and explore your thoughts, with twelve prompts written to accelerate your journey.

Twelve guides

Each prompt is designed to cultivate self awareness and a deep understanding of yourself. The headings for the prompts include:

  1. Your Plans
  2. Your Audit
  3. Your Flow
  4. Your Fears
  5. Your Thoughts
  6. Your Triggers
  7. Your Priorities
  8. Your Creativity
  9. Your Wins
  10. Your Lessons
  11. Your Success
  12. Your Targets


  • A5 size
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages – ruled
  • Elastic closure
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • 80gsm ruled paper

Read the book. Use the journal.

Our new book, Transform Your Body Transform Your Life, is now available on Amazon. There’s a number of exercises and worksheets (which you can claim as a bonus when you buy the book) that require you to journal your answers.

The RNT journal is the perfect addition to the new book, and will serve to accelerate your learning experience as you go through it.