Multiple Business Owner Kevin Drops 25kg At 50 Years Young

Fit and Fantastic at 50 - An RNT Hero Story

Kevin Edge is a successful entrepreneur who runs multiple thriving businesses.

It’s no surprise that he has a busy life with work and family commitments taking precedence over his own health.

Prior to joining RNT, Kevin was a regular at the gym but had no results to show for it. He was doing a lot of cardio but found it really hard to move the fat. He knew he needed some extra support and guidance - one of his business associates was an RNT member, Kevin was so impressed with Shiv Haria’s results that he decided to jump onto the RNT band-wagon.

“When I joined RNT and was laying down my goals the team, who were absolutely amazing, said I should aim to be around 67-68 kgs. I was 87Kgs at the time and I thought they were totally mad! I have a six-pack now and I’ve gone well past the 67kg mark, something I didn’t think was possible!”

Building Momentum

Before starting with RNT, the ‘busy-ness’ of his lifestyle meant his dietary habits were slipping, and his activity levels were low.

Kevin’s journey accelerated and he quickly shifted up through the gears of his transformation with the support of the 3Ss - Structure, Strategy and System. These were shaped to fit into his busy schedule, enabling him to tick off the daily processes required to get into the best shape possible.⁣

Kevin began by slowly chipping away at his body fat. Clean The Palate set up his meal structures that established a calorie deficit which fit around his lifestyle.

The 3Ss (structure, system and strategy) combined with a progressive strength training approach resulted in his physique starting to transform!

⁣⁣The Highlights

In 7-8 months Kevin dropped a whopping 25kg to get into the shape of his life at 50 years young! ⁣Now he is rocking a body better than most 20-something year olds!⁣

During the process, Kevin also found a love for running, where he’s completed a few half marathons clocking some seriously impressive times (Sub 1 hour 40 wow!), as he’s reaping the benefits of turning back the clock on his body’s engine! ⁣

⁣Now that he’s lean, the goal for Kevin is to continue refining his lifestyle solutions to stay fit while aiming to shave more minutes off his running times!⁣


“Before I started with RNT, although I did try to exercise, I felt like I just wasn’t progressing. I have had amazing results with RNT! The biggest thing was the support and guidance: my coach was fantastic, he was encouraging without being too overbearing. The RNT community played a massive role, I didn’t feel like I was doing this on my own. I feel great and I guess I haven’t been in this shape for over 30 years!”

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