Hetal · Checkpoint

Needing a confidence boost Hetal finally felt confident in her own body with RNT Fitness

Initially, I had started going to the gym to get active and lose some weight. After 6 months of gym and eating ‘healthy’, I put on 3kgs and that’s when I realised that there was something not going right. Then Tejal (my sister) found RNT and we spent a long time reading through success stories which convinced us that we could do it as well.

When I first started with RNT, my main aim was to have more confidence in my own body. RNT has 100% changed my life. My mentality about food has changed – even when I go out there is no feeling of guilt or a sense of ruined/lost progress. My understanding of how my body works and what healthy eating means has changed. I have found that I enjoy working out and fit this into my work and travel lifestyle (and more recently into my COVID lockdown schedule).

A year on, looking back at old pictures I cannot recognise myself, which I am proud of. It now serves as a reminder that where I am today didn’t look achievable – but I have managed to get here. So if I focus and work hard in any aspect of my life then anything is possible.

I am so grateful for RNT, for guiding me and helping me through this journey.

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