Oats Uttapam

Oats Uttapam

Try oats uttapam for a healthy twist on the traditional South Indian dish, ideal for breakfast or a light meal.

Jul 11th, 2021

1 Mins


    This is a vegetarian recipe submitted by RNT Family member Nipa Patel.
    Name of dish: Oats Uttapam
    Type of meal: Snack
    Dietary info: Vegetarian
    Time to prepare: 30-35 Mins
    Time to cook: 10-15 Mins
    Serves: 1
    Total Calories: N/A
    Protein in g: N/A
    Carbs in g: N/A
    Fats in g: N/A
    50g oats
    40g 0% fat yogurt
    Green chilli
    Spinach 50g
    1. Grind oats to a powder consistency and put into a bowl. Add yogurt, salt, grated ginger, finely chopped spinach, and sufficient water to make a batter of uttapam consistency. Cover and leave to ferment for 20-25 minutes in the fridge.
    2. Heat a non-stick pan. Apply 1 Cal cooking spray
    3. To make each uttapam, spread a ladleful of the batter in the pan. Sprinkle some capsicum, onion, tomato and green chilli on the uttapam. When the underside becomes golden, spray with 2 Cal spray again and flip continue to cook for 2-3 minutes or till the other side becomes equally golden.
    4. Transfer onto serving plates and serve hot sauce/raita.
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