Personal Trainer Taurean knew the importance of knowledge and passion and found it with RNT

I have been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 8 years now and take pride in producing great results with the clients I work with. I’ve always enjoyed giving clients the tools to transform their bodies for the better and as such taken myself through various transformations leading up to a holiday or special event. Whilst I’ve always achieved a fairly good result, I always felt that I didn’t quite reach the condition that I was after. Being a personal trainer I feel it’s so important to be a good example for clients which prompted me to work with RNT to take my results to the next level.

I first met Akash and his team through a seminar that RNT put together on Body Transformation back in early 2018. I was impressed by their knowledge, passion and professionalism from the get go. Their dedication to helping their members realise their true potential really came through on the day. Fast forward to a few months later, after following RNT’s Instagram page which was continually producing great content that really resonated, I took the plunge and signed up.

From the initial consultation process all the way to photoshoot - RNT has been brilliant. When I think about the initial 12 weeks and how I achieved the results which I had failed to get myself, there are several things that I feel played a part. Firstly, having a team as attentive as RNT in your corner to provide accountability was huge. This gave me huge confidence to execute the plan to the best of my ability. Their ‘in the trenches’ knowledge and empathy throughout the process was also integral for those dark days when I felt like death or that progress had stalled!

After reading one of RNT’s articles on the ‘Five Pillars of Body Transformation’. I booked a photoshoot right at the start of the process. I knew this would provide extra motivation, accountability and adherence. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions. I achieved my best condition to date and learnt a lot about what I was capable of. I also gained increased insight on what it takes to achieve fat loss consistently that I can utilise with my own training and clients. I am now reversing out of my initial 12 weeks of training with the guidance of RNT. They stated the importance of having a plan and changing mindset to performance post shoot and I’m doing my best to execute that.

If you’re looking to take your results to the next level I couldn’t recommend RNT enough.

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