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There’s nothing worse than being injured. It stops us from doing what we do love: training hard. Staying healthy, pain-free and being able to perform at your best is an important part of the process.

We’re lucky to have one of the most credible physio teams around as part of the RNT journey, R&D Physio. Founded by Rushabh Savla, we’ve trusted R&D as our ‘go-to’ physios for years, both in ourselves and our clients. 

If you’ve picked up a niggle, struggling with an injury, or want to bulletproof your body for optimal performance, don’t wait any longer. Book yourself in with Rushabh and his team so you can get back to doing what you love and being at your best.

Who is R&D Physio

R&D Physio was founded by Rushabh Savla with a mission to inspire change and empower people to push the limits of their potential.

As a result of multiple surgeries and injuries, Rushabh was thrown into the world of physiotherapy (quite literally), which led him to working in the NHS & privately before starting R&D Physio. Rushabh is registered with the Health Care & Professionals Council, Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy & Titleist Performance Golf Physiotherapy qualifications. 

He has a special interest in shoulder health, rehab and shockwave therapy. He also delivers education and seminars across the globe, most recently with RNT in Nairobi, Kenya. 

His passion for delivering healthcare and movement to the most vulnerable has enabled him to work with charities such as Mind, Shishukunj Bhavan, and projects in Kenya & India. He currently consults with leaders in the Physiotherapy & Orthopaedics world. 

Since starting R&D, he has built a collective of highly specialised physiotherapists and wellness experts delivering injury management, performance, specialist rehabilitation and goal orientated online physiotherapy. 

What makes having Rushabh on board extra special for us is he knows the RNT Transformation Journey inside out. He’s a long-term member of the RNT Family and most importantly, practices what he preaches!

Rushabh Savla

What is Online Physio?

The world of healthcare is constantly evolving. With the rise of technology, Physiotherapy is now available via video conferencing so that you can get treated for your injury and concerns from the comfort of home or if you’re away traveling.

Over the last 5 to 10 years, Physiotherapy has moved away from a reliance on complex machines and manual techniques, and towards rehabilitation programs carried out under guidance. This puts you in much more control of your own recovery. Research has shown that outcomes can, in fact, be better through online consultation, due to the empowering nature of the system.

What is Online Physio?

How does Online Physio work?

5 Phases to Online Physio 

Phase One: Initial Contact

This is where one of the team gets in touch and ascertains all the information required to direct you to the specialist on our team that is best suited for your injury or performance enquiry. You will also have an online form to fill prior to your session. 

Phase Two: Consultation

Online Physiotherapy appointments start with a ‘subjective assessment’, in which the Physiotherapist will ask you a well-structured series of questions designed to discover what they need to know about your injury (without touching you). By the end of the subjective assessment, the Physio should already have a very clear idea of your probable diagnosis. The online form you complete prior to your session will also guide the therapist to ask more detailed questions on your injury/issue. Following the subjective assessment, the Physio will get you to perform some tests and movements to confirm this diagnosis.

Phase Three: Management & Reports

Each initial consult is followed with a report, an app based programme and a follow up booked in. We also liaise with your coach to adapt your current programme and stay connected. The app allows us to maintain constant communication with you in between consults, tweak your programmes and manage pain or performance levels.

Phase Four: Follow Up Consults

These consults are booked in advance and a set of targets are mapped out. With each follow up online consult, the Physio is keen to change or manage your current rehab. The focus is to continually achieve improvements and maintain accountability. One must rehab with the same determination like they are training. This will help you lead you to the next step. 

Phase Five: Goal Specific Rehabilitation

Focusing on goals such as deadlifting pain free, running with no knee pain or bench pressing without shoulder pain is the focus of each consult however it is at this stage, the performance aspect of Physiotherapy comes into its own. Most therapy stops at being pain free, at R&D Physio that is only half the battle. The focus of performance based physiotherapy is to prevent this happening again, educating you and empowering you for the future. 

Future Bulletproofing: Monthly/Quarterly Check Ins 

These check ins are at no additional cost to you. It’s for us to either e-connect or with a phone call and support your journey whatever stage you are in. We find that these help enormously as the Physio may be able to impart with advice and help you stay on track. 


Here’s a small selection of client testimonials of RNT Clients who’ve experienced Online Physio to feel, look and perform at their best.

Chirag Simaria – RNT Client, hamstring rehabilitation story

Ketan Raja - Testimonial

Ketan Raja

He was the first physiotherapist who looked at the causes of the issue and not only treated it but gave me the longer term tools to ensure it did not happen again. The sessions included gym sessions to highlight key areas to work on – all videoed to ensure correct movement. Pain free now after such a long time. The team is very knowledgeable and most importantly very up to date in new treatments. I highly recommend them. Yes we want quick cures for our injuries but they will help to not only cure but more importantly give you longer term solutions to self manage and prevent injuries in the first place. Keep it up!

Anand Rabheru - Testimonial

Anand Rabheru

I used to think of Physio’s mainly being hands on, but in my short time working with Rushabh, I have realised it’s not, and with your advice, support and guidance, you are getting me stronger, moving better and have got me in a great place mentally as well! Thank you!

Biraj - Testimonial

Biraj Nakarja

Those in need of a Physio, please speak to Rushabh & his team. These guys seriously know what they are talking about. I recently had a virtual consultation and they diagnosed the issue and gave me a rehab plan literally within minutes of speaking to me.


One-Off 60 Minute Consultation – £60

– 1 hour online consultation with expert physios 

– Access to tailored app based rehabilitation

– Integration into your existing RNT programme + liaising with your coach

Recovery Package (6 sessions) – £285

– Ongoing management 

– Constant support & accountability check ins

– Progression to return to better than pre-injury level

Bulletproof Package (12 sessions) – £540

– Focused assessment on prevention via movement screening

– Bulletproof tailored mobility programmes 

– Accountability & performance based programming

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