17 Sep 2021


Ep. 194 - How To Break Through Every Possible Plateau

Knowing if you’re in a real plateau when pursuing fat loss, strength, and/or muscle mass can be difficult, so in this episode, we dive into all the questions you need to ask yourself to know if you’re in a plateau or not, and most importantly, to learn how exactly to navigate past them. So whether you’re chasing the last bits of fat loss or pushing the limits on muscle growth, there are a lot of golden nuggets in here – with the latter bringing with it plenty of anecdotal pointers that have worked well for us over the years.

“Your weight is just a by-product of your performance.”

- Ivan Gavranic


00:00 – Intro on Plateaus

02:24 – No plateaus on fat loss 

04:02 – Accuracy and consistency in your nutrition 

05:05 – Measuring and guestimating 

07:31 – Maintenance level 

11:05 – Importance of measuring on fat loss 

16:30 – People’s notion on muscle gain 

19:21 – Energy input matching output

25:05 – Metabolic Adaptation 

27:59 – Stimulating Muscles to grow 

30:26 – Glycogen Manipulation 

33:40 – Metric on performance 

36:10 – Preforming from a technique standpoint

40:11 – Changing the look through more training  

43:10 – There’s power in holding body weight 

46:43 – Performance over weight

49:17 – How the body responds

51:30 – Progress 

53:28 – Wrap Up

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