EP 8: Shyam Kotecha: How He Went From Chubby City Worker To Photoshoot Lean In 15 Weeks

EP 8: Shyam Kotecha: How He Went From Chubby City Worker To Photoshoot Lean In 15 Weeks

Over the course of 7 years, Shyam finished three body transformations. 

With the guidance of Akash an

With the guidance of Akash, he was able to complete the 15-week transformation. In today’s episode, Shyam shared how this transformation made him feel and what will be his future plans. Akash also discussed the importance of sticking to one program and how being inactive will slow down your progress.

“Don’t chase perfection. Too many people will start this thing and try to get the nutrient timing down. They will try to take the correct supplements all the time. The key is you get started, you do what you can and be consistent with it”

– Team RNT

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Key Highlights:

⇾ Shyam Transformation Story

⇾ The importance of nutrition, weight training, and supplements during a transformation.in

⇾ Why is it beneficial to stick to one routine?


Time Stamps

[2:53] – The Defining moment for Shyam to do the transformation

[4:28] – The biggest challenge when the transformation started?

[8:58] – the First transformation as a beginner and a vegetarian.

[20:49] – The effect of switching routines too often.

[26:19] – Nutrition Program for Shyam’s 15-Week Transformation

[34:03] – Training Program during the 15-Week Transformation

[35:52] – Supplements during the Transformation

[36:19] – How being sedentary affects a transformation

[38:13] – Struggles before the Photo Shoot Prep

[46:47] – How did Shyam feel after the transformation

[51:27] – Future Plans for Shyam

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