EP 9: Emily De Luzy: Female Contest Prep & Glute Building

EP 9: Emily De Luzy: Female Contest Prep & Glute Building

Emily de Luzy, 2017 UKBFF British Finalist, joined we to talk about her transformation.

In today’s episode, they discuss the challenge Emily faced during the prep season. They also talked about the importance of sodium, the change of mindset after a competition and the common mistake a beginner make during the final week of prep. 

“You don’t have to change your routine every four, six or eight weeks. If you continue getting stronger, stick with it.”

– Team RNT

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Key Highlights:

⇾  Emily’s transformation story

⇾ Discover the 3 Mistakes a beginner make during a Competition Prep

⇾ The effects of manipulating sodium


Time Stamps

[02:27] – Who is Emily de Luzy

[12:28] – The good and the bad of prep for a competition

[17:14] – Emily’s weight training program

[23:18] – Emily shares her top three exercises

[30:28] –  Three go-to meals to keep her satiated

[38:06] – 3 biggest mistakes people make on the final week of prep

[47:47] – What changed with Emily after competing in two shows

[56:56] – Akash’s mindset towards food after his two competitions

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