Successful Entrepreneur Abhay, Stopped Spinning His Wheels, Dropped 18kgs After Years of Trying

Abhay had always dreamed of sporting a six-pack and having a muscular, athletic body. 

Eager to achieve that goal, he has been a regular at the gym since he was 18 years old. 

However, despite his unwavering dedication, he found himself stuck spinning his wheels. 

No matter how hard he trained, he just didn’t get the results he was seeking. 

To make matters worse: his bodyweight steadily increased while the weights he lifted in the gym never progressed.

Even with all these factors working against him, Abhay’s commitment to his fitness journey remained unwavering. 

He tried to do his best in the gym and made an effort to eat mindfully. 

“I thought I was training hard and eating well, but now when I look back I realise I didn’t have a proper training plan and I definitely wasn’t eating the right food.”

The Turning Point 

At the end of 2021, Abhay’s routine changed. He sold his businesses which afforded him time to prioritise his health and fitness goals. 

He had the space in his diary to establish a consistent routine, but still lacked professional guidance. He was on the lookout for a fitness programme and the name ‘RNT’ had been on his radar for a couple of years. 

“A good friend of mine had been through the RNT journey and recommended the programme. When I heard his story and saw his photos I was impressed by his results! 

So I started doing a bit of research and reading up on RNT. After reading all the other transformation stories on the website, I was sold and knew I had to sign up.”

Overcoming Obstacles 

Abhay’s journey with RNT was anything but a walk in the park. It presented its fair share of challenges. 

Learning the importance of meal prep, finding time to train and making sure he hit his daily step count took some getting used to. 

But with the support from the RNT team he set out to achieve things he never thought possible. 

A big hurdle for Abhay was managing social situations. 

“My friends didn’t quite understand what I was doing. They kept insisting I indulge when I wanted to be in control of what I ate and drank. 

There was also a lot of negativity when I was nearing Checkpoint. I was told I looked unwell and that I had lost too much weight. But I learnt to block it out and focus on my goals.”

Reaching Full Potential 

Abhay’s life took a pivotal turn during his RNT journey. He learnt that he was going to become a father! 

“I was overjoyed! We had been trying to have a baby for over a year. We were even considering taking fertility tests. But I do believe that the healthy lifestyle I was following thanks to RNT played a major role.” 

Abhay feels like a totally new person today. 

“I feel like I’ve grown as a person. My mindset is different which has influenced all aspects of my life. I feel more confident and energetic. I feel more in control of social events and holidays. I feel that I live life more on my terms rather than being swayed by other people.”

For a long time Abhay wasn’t sure he’d be able to achieve his goals.  

“Even though I have seen the photos of all the transformations and read the stories of people from a similar background, I wasn’t sure that I could get there. Also there was an element of self doubt about whether I would be able to follow the diet and stay disciplined and stick with the plan.”

Looking back now, Abhay is so glad that he didn’t listen to his negative thoughts. He stuck to the plan and stayed strong.  His hard work has more than paid off and he finally realised the dream he has nurtured since he was 18 years old.

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