The Investment Phase Avatars

The Investment Phase Avatars

May 7th, 2024

Training Beginner
6 Mins


    As we know, getting into the shape of your life is just the start.

    For real transformation it’s simply the foundation to build upon in your quest for your lifestyle solution, found in The Reward Phase. 

    But how do we bridge that gap?

    The Investment Phase. 

    This is a phase full of potential growth, but it can also come with confusion. 

    “Now fat loss isn’t the goal, what do I do?!”

    This is where our Investment Phase Avatars come in…

    The Lifestyler:
    Do you want to move away from meal plans, but also still look great? 

    You’ll hold your “sweet spot” weight range, while building up the flexibility you have with your food, until you’re eating as you’ve always wanted. 

    Nisha knew she wanted to move away from tracking all her meals, but without going back to her old body. Now she maintains a lean physique, while enjoying meals with her family daily.
    After focusing primarily on gaining muscle during his first Investment Phase, Nikul consolidated well following his second shoot and is now maintaining a physique he likes with ease, while focusing on other goals.
    The Lean Builder:
    Do you want more muscle, but with minimal fat gain? 

    You’ll maintain a weight range that allows you to perform well (in all areas of life), while focusing on progressing performance in the gym. 

    Shivani wanted to get stronger, but without losing the lean physique she’d worked so hard for. She proved to herself it was possible, now lifting heavier than ever in the gym, while still feeling comfortable in her skin.
    Jitesh has seen huge progress in his training performance post-Checkpoint, alongside being able to maintain his weight while travelling, enjoying social events with friends and not worrying about tracking everything to the gram.
    The Athlete:
    Do you enjoy competing in sport and/or have a bucket list challenge to tick off? 

    You’ll have your nutrition, training and cardio all tailored around maximising performance in your specific discipline. 

    Following getting into the shape of her life, Karen was keen to use her new body and fitness levels to get back into BBJ. She is a Mum you don’t want to mess with!
    Devin used the 35kg he lost in the lead up to his shoot as the perfect foundation for going onto win his first ever White Collar Boxing fight.
    The Lifestyle Muscle Builder:
    Do you want to maximise muscle gain, while also learning to live long term? 

    You’ll increase your weight in a controlled way, while progressing training performance and moving away from meal plans. 

    Sanj committed to putting in the work to build some serious muscle during her Investment Phase, while also getting more comfortable with not relying on meal plans all the time. Now she’s lifting weights she’d never dreamt of, while also eating with her girls.
    Ricky made a prolonged focus on muscle building sustainable by combining it with moving away from tracking his food, enabling him to eat with his family in the evenings and over the weekends. 
    The Lifestyle Athlete:
    Do you want to maximise your performance in your sport/challenge, while also learning how to eat for life? 

    You’ll incrementally move towards your ideal nutrition set up, while still doing what’s needed to achieve your physical pursuit. 

    As a working mum, Shwetha knew that she had to make her health and fitness goals fit with her family too. Since her shoot she’s eating with her kids and staying in shape, as well as running marathons - both things she didn’t think was possible!
    Ian was passionate about excelling in ultra marathons, but knew he couldn’t live the life of a professional athlete with a family at home. He found his perfect balance though, hitting some unbelievable times and participating in family meals.
    The Athletic Builder:
    Do you want to maximise muscle gain, while also feeling fit? You’ll increase your body weight in a controlled way and drive performance up in the gym, but also stay on top of your fitness too. 

    Mita knew she wanted to build muscle after her shoot, but also get back into cycling. Combining the two in a strategic way allowed her to hit PBs in the gym and on the saddle.
    Yusuf embraced his growing passion for strength training to support his love of sports, taking his performances to another level. Balancing hitting PBs in the gym with competing in multiple sports isn’t easy, but Yusef is showing it’s possible!
    Being assigned your Avatar is only the start though. Although the general approach for each member within the same Avatar will be the same, your coach will consider your unique profile (psychology, background, lifestyle, etc.) to personalise the approach for you.

    Which Avatar will you be?

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