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The Sad Truth About The Meat You’re Eating For Protein | Road To Vegan Shredded w/ Akash Vaghela

Welcome to Episode 3/6 for my #RoadToVeganShredded

This episode features an incredible (and shocking) in-depth conversation with a very good friend of mine, Dr Minil Patel.

Before you take your next bite of chicken, or sip of whey protein, watch this in full.

It’s going to expand your mind into what’s going on in the world right now, from climate change, male stereotypes, the meat and dairy industry, biodiversity, the environment, and the cultural shift required to keep our planet safe in 100 years.

01:22 - “I haven’t had meat since August 13, 2021”
01:28 - Why Dr. Minil went vegan literally overnight in 2017
07:15 - Does eating meat make you a man?
10:15 - How do we start questioning our assumptions of what a man is?
12:21 - Should everyone go vegan overnight?
15:28 - Can you be a perfect vegan?
20:56 - Is veganism all or nothing?
22:10 - Are there ethical reasons for doing this?
25:20 - The most exploited animal in the history of the animal kingdom
26:58 - Is free range chicken worth eating?
29:00 - Who’s worse? The dairy or meat industry?
35:46 - Necessity vs desire
38:30 - How do you check your ego around veganism?
42:55 - Should you try the Carnivore diet?
44:33 - Where is the future of the meat industry?
48:22 - The sustainability of meat production
53:51 - How does eating meat impact the climate?
59:38 - The effects of overfishing
1:02:45 - Does sustainable farming exist?
1:05:40 - Is a plant-based diet more healthy?
1:07:22 - What are the health implications of eating too much meat?
1:13:40 - How do you now translate this to a more sustainable way of living?
1:18:50 - Can you build muscle without meat?

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