Top 10 Body Transformation Tips From RNT’s Clients

Top 10 Body Transformation Tips From RNT’s Clients

One of the hallmarks of a great coach is the ability to be able to empathise and relate to a client’s journey at every stage. Which is why we feel it’s critical that every coach gets shredded at least once in their lives. The process of taking yourself to the extreme will help uncover tricks and strategies that you may otherwise wouldn’t know of.

While the perfect diet, training and cardio protocols are all great, it’s often these ‘underground’ tricks and strategies that you can’t learn in a textbook that separate the ‘OK’ transformations with the outstanding ones. Transforming your body is almost always a mental game, and the ability to generate small mental wins to help achieve the end result.

This was proven when we asked in our private RNT Clients Facebook group the following:

What have been the game changers for you that have helped you on your transformation journey?

We want people to know what YOU guys are finding is working for you, so if you have any tips you think have been a game changer for you, please hit us up! It could nutrition, training or mindset related… anything that has or is working for you that you feel others should know about.. 

In our series of articles and videos covering the mistakes we’ve made both in our own journeys, and in coaching other clients, we covered a lot of training, nutrition and supplement content.

What’s funny is when we asked what the ‘game changer’ tips are to our clients, 90% of the answers were all mindset, habit and ‘life’ related.

None of these answers are what you find in a coaching manual, or a transformation book. This is the real deal, and what it takes to accelerate your results and go to the next level…

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Given the busy nature of lives that we all lead now, it’s no surprise that the tip that cropped up more than any other was proper planning and preparation.

Strategies like batch cooking, scouting restaurants beforehand and scheduling all of your workouts in the week are critical steps required for body transformation success.

Remember, if you’re failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail!

2. Establish Your Why

We can never emphasis enough just how important knowing your ‘why’ is when it comes to transforming any part of your life. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, generic goals just don’t work; you need to have a specific and relevant ‘why’ that is individual to you and is powerful enough to be able to pull you through hard times.

3. Trust Your Trainer & The Process

The clients who do the best are the ones who just ‘get sh*t done’, trust the process, don’t overthink everything and stick to the plan. One of the biggest reasons people don’t see results in anything they do is they fall into the trap of ‘paralysis by analysis’. There’s so much information out there, and it can be all too easy to get caught in the trap of obsessing over every little minutia. Because of the age of information overload we live in, sometimes even AFTER hiring a coach, people still overthink the small details, which only causes more and more stress.


4. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Without sounding like a broken record, consistency really does trump everything. There’s something to be said for generating as much momentum as possible with training, diet and cardio, and continuing to build on it. The more you can create ‘gathered momentum’, the faster your results will appear.

5. Learning Not To Make Excuses When Life Gets In The Way

Our clients at RNT aren’t living in the gym, or people who’s lives revolve all around fitness. They’re people with normal lives working long hours and trying to balance everything along with their fitness goals. They know the importance of being lean, healthy and active, and so prioritise it and know that life will get in the way.

6. Educate Yourself

When we set up RNT, we wanted to create a ‘one-stop’ place that people could visit in order to educate themselves on everything related to body composition.

Through the articles, videos and podcasts, our aim is to really educate our clients and empower them to make strong decisions at all times and be able to sustain and build on their results for the rest of their lives.

7. Positive Affirmations 

One strategy that we’ve seen many clients adopt on their own accord is create positive affirmations around them, with arguably the most popular being to have the vision of where they want to be on their phone background. The constant reminder and reinforcement of what they’re looking to achieve helps create accountability to themselves, and dig deep when the grind kicks in!

8. Tell Everyone You Know

This was touched on in Sakhi’s post earlier, but the more social support you can create around you, and the more people you tell, the easier it will make the whole process. You’ll suffer from less temptations, and you’ll be held accountable to more than just yourself and your coach, but everyone around you.

9. Diet Hacks

Among all the mindset tricks listed, another very popular theme were various diet hacks used through the process to make things easier. Everything from low cal jelly, sugar free drinks, spices & sauces, delayed breakfast to protein powder with lots of crushed ice, you name it!


10. Execute

Sometimes it’s just a matter of execution, and getting it done day after day, week after week.

Rapid Fire Tips

While those were the big ten tips from our clients, we also had many nuggets thrown out there, which we’d like to share too:

– “Weighing myself everyday (thank you Adam Hayley) and then taking a weekly average. It’s amazing to see how the weight fluctuates on a daily basis, from which you can diagnose issues you’ve been having.” – Jaina Shah

– “You WILL have bad days. Don’t be too down beat. Speak to your trainer, family or RNT group if needed but key is to get back on it the next day.” – Sachin Khiroya

– “Using your workout sheets and logging it each week to stay focused.” – Ashwini Shah

– “For me it’s been adapting habits over time. For example 10 years ago I hated working out first thing in the morning and I’d always prefer to go in the evenings. 18 months ago I tried going in the mornings again and loved it and have been doing it ever since and now hate the thought of going gym in the evenings. If something didn’t work for you in the past, it might be worth revisiting it over time to see if things have changed as you’ve gotten older.” – Sunny Dhaliwal

– “Track but recognise progress is not linear and the accumulation of ticking all the boxes will show through in the end (I hope this is true for me!!). Look for the small victories , weight not gone down but waist has? Mega. No measurement changes but more reps in the gym? Groovy.” – Paul MG

– “Keeping my meals simple has really help me get on top of meal prep, the less I have to think about the better and a shake for BF has worked wonders.” – Jerri Jarmeh

– “Snacks and sweet treats are wants not needs, when thinking about that chocolate ask yourself what do want more, the body or the treat.” – Martin Cheyne

– “Stay active all the time, take the longer routes, take the stairs. Walk after dinner to hit the step goal.” – Shalini Desai

Concluding Thoughts

To conclude, this post from Biraj sums it all up. 

We particularly love his tip on leveraging the network and support at RNT. Many of our clients speak to one another for tips and advice on how to maximise their results, and like the aim of this article, sometimes it’s far more powerful hearing it from the people who are going through it themselves!

From all of us at RNT, we’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who’s helped put this article together!

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