Top Ten Hip-Hop Training Songs Of All Time

Top Ten Hip-Hop Training Songs Of All Time

For how short this blog post is, this took me ages to write. There are so many good hip-hop training songs that to narrow it down to just ten, and then put them in the perfect order so that they all flow together was hard work.

Initially, I had a list of 15 before needing to call up the Godfather of Rap Dr. Sindu for an hour debate on which ones should be scrapped, and how it could be improved.

I’ve since tested it with a load of different workouts and think I’ve nailed it now, but I’m always open to suggestions on making it better.

The total playlist lasts 43 minutes. After warming up, getting things ready etc, you can only really go hard in the gym for about 45 minutes, so this is the perfect length.

It also works exceptionally well for cardio sessions. I’ve yet to find a better combination than AD Shredabull, Yohimbine, and this playlist.

So if you’re ready for some fire in your ear, download this list and get ready to set some PRs all over.

  1. Ante Up – M.O.P

There are very few songs that can hype you up as much as this. Perfect for your last warm up set before starting. The anticipation of waiting for the beat to drop in the first ten seconds is worth the entry in itself.

  1. Straight Outta Compton – N.W.A

The song that brought rap to the mainstream. The impact this song (and album) had was game changing, and it remains to this day one of the best to pump you up.

  1. Where the Hood At – DMX

DMX has so many good training songs it was hard to only feature him once. This tune leaves you in no doubt but to crank the intensity up.

  1. Late Night Hour – Ice Cube

Ice Cube made this song exclusive to his Greatest Hits album. Released in 2001, the speed and anger in his rap reminds me of when he first burst onto the scene with N.WA.

  1. Holla At Me – 2 Pac

I’ve set more PRs to this song than any other. As you’re waiting for the beat to drop, get under the squat bar. You’ll be stronger for it.

  1. The N***a Ya Love To Hate – Ice Cube

The opening song to his debut solo album, Cube delivers straight fire to keep you going mid-way through the session.

  1. Can’t C Me – 2 Pac

This is Pac at his angriest best, and the beat Dre produces on this is unreal.

  1. Lost At Birth – Public Enemy

This is one of their lesser-known songs, but for training, there’s none better. The beat by Bomb Squad is off the hook, and Chuck D kills his verse on this.

  1. Wicked – Ice Cube 

If you couldn’t tell already, I think Ice Cube is the best rapper when it comes to training music. This is his best one of the bunch, and one of the roughest hip-hop songs ever made. Another killer beat behind this track too.

  1. 100 Miles and Runnin’

NWA’s first single without Cube, MC Ren shows why he’s one of the most underrated artists of all time. The fast flow between him, Eazy and Dre will help you push out those last few sets of any session.

And that’s it. On the shortlist we had some Biggie, Em, Nas, Snoop, 50 and Obie, but when it came down to it, none of their tracks had all the elements needed to make this list.

What’s your top ten? What would you change? Did I miss anything?

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